Who are we?

We are Fiona and Sage, the co-captains of this little operation.

Fiona is an excitable computer nerd and media collector. Sage is a visionary and the true captain of this ship. Together, they have built what is now lastFMpirate.

A little history.

By 2021 both Sage and Fiona were home full time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. They canceled their subscriptions to that one satellite radio company. After about a month of lousy local radio and bad suggestions (some good, but mostly bad) from the music streaming services, They started relying on their collection of media to stay entertained. It wasn't long before they grew tired of the cumbersome 300 CD changer, swapping cassettes, threading reel tape and flipping records. They needed an alternative.

The solution seemed simple at first. Run free radio automation software on surplus hardware, plug it into the stereo and RadioGoober was born!!! It worked. Not the best, but it worked. Since it wasn't perfect, Fiona and Sage went on to start making it better. They learned a few things about digital media automation. There was a cheap 15 watt FM transmitter in the mix for a minute. Eventually, they landed on the internet as a safer and more reliable method of getting the music across town.

As artists and creators, Sage and Fiona recognised the need for an alternative in radio. With a strong desire to promote good, independent music they decided to create a better website and no longer be awkward goobers.

lastFMpirate hopes to foster a strong community of independent broadcasters that have a primary goal of sharing music that people want to hear.