Who are we?

We are Fiona and Sage, the co-captains of this little operation. 

Fiona is an excitable computer nerd and media collector. Sage is a visionary and the true captain of this ship. Together, they have built what is now lastFMpirate. 

A little history. 

By 2021 both Sage and Fiona were home full time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. They canceled their subscriptions to that one satellite radio company. After about a month of lousy local radio and bad suggestions (some good, but mostly bad) from the music streaming services, They started relying on their  collection of media to stay entertained.  It wasn't long before they grew tired of the cumbersome 300 CD changer, swapping cassettes, threading reel tape and flipping records. They needed an alternative. 

The solution seemed simple at first. Run free radio automation software on surplus hardware, plug it into the stereo and RadioGoober was born!!! It worked. Not the best, but it worked.  Since it wasn't perfect, Fiona and Sage went on to start making it better. They learned a few things about digital media automation. There was a cheap 15 watt FM transmitter in the mix for a minute. Then they figured out how to put it  ton the internet as a safer and more reliable method of getting the music across town. 

Knowing that the Internet was the best way to get the music out to the people, Sage and Fiona Settled on a new name, . This allowed them to start marketing and register the radio station with all of the various indexers and media players. 

In May of 2022, Sage and Fiona lost their home and made their way to Los Angeles with hopes for finding work and setting up a new home for themselves and Unfortunately, Los Angeles is a rather unforgiving city and work was no where to be found. The project remained on pause while Fiona, Sage, their 13 year old child and two dogs lived in their car while trying desperately to get on their feet.  Times were hard, the radio station was offline and survival was the only goal.  

After 6 months living on the streets of LA, Fiona and Sage were able to scrape together the resources to move 1000 miles north to new opportunities in Astoria Oregon. A place where they have been able to get back online and start focusing on growth and community involvement again. 

Now that Sage and Fiona are members of a thriving community,  the need for an alternative in radio has become very clear.   It is the founders goal to supply a platform to entertain, enjoy and most importantly, exercise our right to free speech.  

Feel free to contact Sage and Fiona with any inquiries or just to let us know how we are doing at